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The Greatest Pro Football Betting Miracle of All Time!

It did not take place when the Steelers’ Franco Harris made the “immaculate reception”, a fumble which led to an interception which allowed the Pittburgh Steeler, and former Penn State star running back to dash into the end zone. That was miraculous! Ask Terry Bradshaw! It allowed the Steelers to snatch victory from certain defeat away from the Oakland Raiders and carry them to their first Super Bowl win in the early 70’s. Yes indeed. That qualifies as an answer to a prayer. Just ask any sport gambling expert.

We won’t mention Hail Marys, Substitute Players who proved to be better than their Stars, like Tom Brady and Kurt Warner, to name a couple here. There are just too many bad decisions that were made to try to mention. What it all boils down to is pro football betting ignorance.

We have too many ignorant ex pro football coaches and Player Personnel decision makers who have made a good living by being wrong so many times. There is a place in Hell reserved for them, and it’s called the sidelines. That’s where they land when they still need jobs after having been fired for so many inept calls, stupid decisions and just plain ignorance.

No. We can not include game play decisions, come from way behind victories, or anything like that as miracles anymore. Even though only one Quarterback in the History of the Game ever GUARANTEED anoutright Victory as a 17 and a Half point underdog, (we oldtimers still love you Broadway Joe Namath), and proved it on the field as the New York Jets won outright over the Baltimore Colts… in hindsight, that was not miraculous.

Here is the miracle that happened in pro football in the year 2012. It happened off the field. It occurred long after the Super Bowl, and way before the annual Draft. It came about when a broken down athlete, hobbled by injury the entire season before, was picked up for 67 Million Dollars by a Denver Broncos team which did not need him. Thats hardly chump change. Its like buying something you dont need, that comes with no guarantee, and has no return clause. Could you buy something like that?
Wait a second. Here is the greatest miracle of all. Any sports bettor who has quietly, or loudly, prayed in the final 2

minutes of a game… for HIS team to beat the spread, or win outright, or repel a challenge getting too close for comfort, has to believe that someone answered his prayers. If your prayers have ever been answered, and you won that game that had already been placed in your Loss Column, then you must know how Tebow must have felt.

He cant throw, many expert analysts have publibly stated. He will never be a starting QB for any team, the other “know it alls” agreed. “All he does is pray before and after every game”, said many others who are happy to see a good person suffer bad things.

Now here is what I say about Tim Tebow. He is an exemplary role model for our nation’s children. This QB does not take defeat lying down. When he stepped in as the Broncos QB in the 2011 season, and proceeded to lead his team to 6 (SIX) victories in a row. Those who witnessed the come from behind victories labeled them as small miracles. They became bigger with every successive game.

The Denver Broncos won their AFC West division title. They had been picked early in the season to finish last. That’s not the end of it. There was that first round playoff game against the Pittsburgh Steelers. You remember that one. Everyone, including the oddsmakers, said Denver had two chances to win… slim and none. Slim won.

The greatest unannounced miracle of all came after Denver announced they would no longer be needing Tebow’s services. A physically suspect, over-the-hill, aging athlete with a renowned family name would take over duties as starting Quarterback, next season, for Denver. The sky filled with deadly clouds, tornadoes ripped across America leaving death and destruction in its wake, and teary eyed Denver fans were shocked and saddened.

The New York Jets stepped in, thanks to Head Coach Rex Ryan, and said to Tim : “You have a new home. Come lead our Jets to the promised land.” And within 72 hours, Tebow was quickly dispatched, and enthusiastically welcomed, to the Big Apple. There is more to this story.

For reasons that will never be truly known, Rex Ryan failed to give Tebow a chance at quarterbacking the NY Jets. At seasons end, Tim was picked up by the New England Patriots and then dumped after the final exhibition game. Follow his development this 2016 NFL season. We will probably witness more sports miracles as the season progresses. Finding a new team for Tebow would be an answer to a prayer all its own, but THREE NFL franchises, the NY Giants, the Tampa Bay Bucs and the Jacksonville Jags could do no worse than starting over with a new Quarterback.